Business reputation file

open source information, relating to legal entity

Check a contracting company
Service for quick and efficient online checking of Ukrainian companies
A complete dossier for every company is compiled, based on the data from open sources.
Information on company
Checking against the registers
Monitoring of changes
Legal cases
What information about a company can be obtained?
Business reputation dossier contains the following information:
  • up-to-date registration data about the company;
  • information on managers;
  • classifiers of economic activities;
  • availability of a credit history in the database of the Ukrainian Bureau of Credit Histories;
  • availability of movable and immovable property, as well as data on encumbrances on movable property;
  • prohibitions to participate in bidding;
  • assessment of the probability of the company’s default, based on the open source data (SME scoring);
  • tax information (VAT payer status, unpaid taxes, presence in major taxpayer register);
  • legal cases;
  • licenses held;
  • enforcement proceedings.
Who can benefit from the “Business reputation dossier” service?
“Business reputation dossier” can be useful for anyone who wants to obtain detailed information on any Ukrainian company, all in one place. In particular, this service can help in checking a counterparty, to assess the risks of cooperation.
How to check the risks associated with a counterparty?
Search for a company by its name or by USREOU code, get a business reputation dossier and analyze the obtained information on the registration and relevant licenses held, check the managers, pay attention to the existing prohibitions, encumbrances, legal cases, unpaid taxes, and assessment of the default probability.
What is worth paying attention to while checking a counterparty?
While studying a company dossier, pay attention to the following:
  • current company status - “suspended” indicates the respective legal entity no longer exists;
  • prohibition to participate in bidding indicates that the facts of coordinated anti-competitive actions by the company have been recorded;
  • presence of unpaid taxes, indicates failure to comply with tax obligations imposed by the state;
  • being included to National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine’s sanctions list, indicates the company is not entitled to operate on the territory of Ukraine;
  • available legal cases should be analyzed, taking into consideration subject matter of and parties to the case, special attention should be paid to the cases with the state as the plaintiff;
  • licenses should be checked for the availability of relevant areas of business activity, and the absence of irrelevant ones.
  • Etc.
What is due tax diligence?
Article 112 of the Ukraine’s Law No. 466–IX “On the Amendment of the Law Code of Ukraine” provides the following: Measures taken by the taxpayer to comply with the rules and norms of tax legislation are considered sufficient, unless the supervisory authority proves that, in performing certain actions or failure to act, for which liability is imposed, the taxpayer acted unreasonably, not in good faith and without due diligence.
Therefore, it is important to take measures to assess risks that could result in tax offenses and violations of requirements set forth by other laws, and to keep the evidence of respective actions taken. So, before starting cooperation, it is necessary to check a counterparty.
Where does the Ukrainian Bureau of Credit Histories receive the dossier data from?
The Bureau processes the data from 28 open sources of information.